DTA Challenges

I'm not going to hold a contest for these stories...yet. So there is no deadline for sending stories in.
For now, these are simply ideas to get writers to start writing Doggett Torture stories. :)

1) Write a post-ep story for "John Doe" where Scully plays 'doctor' and treats the various wounds and injuries he accumulated throughout the episode. Feel free to throw in as much emotional angst as desired (as long as there is comfort to go with it. That's what frustrated me about this ep: he was hurt, but there was no one to take care of him...I'm blabbering).
Stories: "John Doe Revisited", "Stinky"

2) Use the description of "4D" given on the XF official site ("Who shot Doggett? Who killed Reyes?) and rewrite the episode, or part of it to come up with a different answer than was given in the ep. This kind of challenge would have worked much better before the episode aired...oh, well, oops. ;o)

3) Two words: Pregnant Doggett :::evil smile:::
Stories: "Improbability", "The Places That Scare You"

4) Write a story where Doggett develops a fatal disease (ie: Cancer).
Stories: "All or Nothing", "Trust"

5) Write an X-Files crossover with Touched by an Angel that deals with Luke's death. This can be a Pre-XF story but it does not have to be.

6) Write a story where Doggett has a heart attack.

7) Write a story where Doggett has a stroke.

8) Write a story where Doggett is forcibly addicted to a drug. (For example, he is kidnapped and given injections of heroin) He is hospitalized, and Scully (or whomever you prefer) has to help him get over the addiction

9) [Suggested by sinclair_42] : Scully and Doggett in a bank that gets held up. Doggett gets shot several times protecting either Scully or innocent kids. The standoff takes forever, and Doggett is dying. Maybe have him die in her arms, his last words telling her how he feels. She tries to ressucitate him, and succeeds barely. He's on life support at hospital. Mulder can be in this story, and Scully has to make a choice. The reason they were in the bank was to get some cash for dinner or something.
If you really want to fuck with peoples heads, Scully could have dreamed that he died in her arms, and she leaves to go to him and make sure he's ok. She falls into his arms and declares her love for him. I don't know! You all decide.
Stories: "Love"

10) It occurred to me when Shannon told Doggett "your lungs are full of water" in NIHTII that he should probably have been in a hospital as this could lead to aspiration pneumonia or other illnesses that result from a near drowning. I would love to write a story where Doggett develops aspiration pneumonia as a result of his 'little dip' in the water tank, but I think I'd rather let my fellow Doggett Torturers do it. :o) (Here's some more information on aspiration pneumonia that I found on a medical website if you need it)
10b) Write a story where Doggett nearly drowns. Bonus points if you get the CPR right. ;o) You can include aspiration pneumonia here too.
Stories: "Short of Breath"

11) Write a story where Doggett is involved in a natural disaster (earthquake, tornado, hurricane, flood, etc) somehow. Injuries here will vary depending on the disaster.

12) Write a story where Doggett gets heat stroke/heat exhaustion. I figure since there's already a hypothermia story ("Fire From Ice") then there should be a hyp*er*thermia story. ;o)
Stories: "Nothing Here But Us" (?)

13) Write a story where Doggett develops appendicitis or some other illness that is most common among children, like chicken pox or tonsillitis.

14) Write a story where Doggett is involved in a major car crash. (Yeah, okay, so "Audrey Pauley" might have influenced me to come up with this one...)
Stories: "Surrender to Me"

15) Write a story that explains/incorporates the picture on the right.
(Yes, I realize it's not a picture from the X-Files, but I don't care. :oP)

16) Write a story where Doggett is tied up in a basement/dungeon of some sort and tortured. I'll leave the means of torture up to your discretion. Feel free to tell me I'm being overly abusive. ;oP
Stories: "Forty-Two"

17) Don't you think with all these blows to the head Doggett would be the perfect candidate for brain damage? Write a story about that. ;o) (In other words, MENTAL ILLNESS!)

18) Stab wound! Other wise known as "we were ripped off in 'Underneath'!" ;-(
Stories: "Patch Me Up"

Write a story where Doggett is infected with some sort of exotic virus (think "Outbreak").
Stories: "It Had To Be You"

20) [Suggested by sinclair_42]: Use the song 'Everything I do' by Bryan Adams. That's a must. Doggett calls 'love lines' on the radio. He requests that song to be played for a Dr. Dana. She happens to hear it, and the heartache in his voice. She never gets the chance to face him before he takes a bullet meant for her. Then it all hits her......hard. His life is hanging in the balance.

21) Doggett is poisoned. I'll leave the type of poison and method of poisoning up to the author's discretion. ;)

22) This is a Doggett/Mulder slash idea since there are no MDR stories here yet. In an alternate universe, Doggett is arrested. I'll leave the crime commited up to the author. Being new to the wrong side of the law, he becomes a target for abuse by other prisoners and possibly even the prison guards. Then he meets Fox Mulder - a "seasoned" prisoner who becomes his cellmate, his protector and, ultimately, his lover.

23) Another MDR in an alternate universe. Mulder and Doggett are fellow soldiers in the Civil War, the American Revolution or World War I (you decide). They grow very close before Doggett is injured (but not killed) in battle. (Maybe this could be combined with challenge #15.)

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